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Home Chef Help Center

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How do I edit my menu selections?

If you're new to Home Chef, you can take a look at our weekly menu options here. We'll start off by recommending meals based off of the preferences you selected in sign up. To adjust those preferences, visit the Taste Profile tab in your account.

If you are trying to make changes to the menu selections of an existing order, visit the Delivery Calendar tab of your account, and select the delivery you'd like to edit. When you hover over each menu option, you'll be able to either add or remove the meal from your order. Keep in mind that recipes are not customizable--we don't offer the ability to substitute or omit ingredients within a meal. 

To change the amount of servings in your order or to adjust your delivery day for that week, click the Summary dropdown on the right. 

Just be sure to save your changes once you've made them! New menus go up each Friday at 12pm(CST).

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