How do I dispose of the box & packaging materials?

We're committed to tackling packaging waste, while ensuring that our ingredients reach our customers in the safest and highest quality conditions. We use packaging that is recyclable or reusable and also keeps the food at a safe temperature during the entire journey from our facility to our customer's homes. Here are some tips for recycling your Home Chef packaging: 

  • Box and Divider - All of Home Chef's boxes and dividers are made from partially recycled cardboard and are curbside recyclable. 
  • Meal, Protein, and Portion Bags - The meal bags (#5) and ingredient bags (#4) can be recycled at all locations that accept plastic bags.
  • Insulated Liner - We use PET liners and insulated liners made of recycled cotton and denim. PET liners are fully recyclable. For denim liners, simply cut open the film, repurpose the denim insides, and recycle the film where you recycle your plastic bags.
  • Ice Packs - Our ice packs are non-toxic and made of 99% water and 1% sodium salt (polyacralate). They can be easily rinsed off and reused. To dispose of the ice packs, simply cut open the film, throw the contents in the trash, and recycle the film where you recycle your plastic bags (or a recycling bin that accepts #4 plastics).
  • Bottle, Jar, and Portion Cups- Our plastic containers range in number but are all curbside recyclable. The portion cup lid is a #1 plastic and the rest are #5 plastics, all of which can be recycled wherever they are accepted.
  • Recipe Cards - Recipe cards are designed to be kept and reused. They’re also curbside recyclable.
  • Plastic Trays and Aluminum Tins- After these items are washed, trays and tins are curbside recyclable.


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