What is a Family Plan?

Home Chef offers a Family Plan!

The family plan offers easy-to-make, cost-effective meals with family-friendly flavors! This menu features at least 10 meals per week. It has some of the same types of meals as our Home Chef menu like Oven Ready and Fast and Fresh with some new offerings like taco kits. 

What's the difference between Home Chef Plan and Family Plan?

Family Plan Home Chef Plan
Family menu Home Chef menu
Sold in 4-serving increments Sold in 2-serving increments
All family-style meals each week 1-3 family-style meals each week
Proteins not customizable Ability to customize proteins on a meal

*Each family meal comes with 4 servings packaged in 1 meal bag.
*Both plans are priced differently by serving and by the quantity ordered.

Can I order from the Family Menu?

This menu can only be ordered through the Family Plan. 

Please note that the Family Plan is a separate menu from our standard Home Chef menu. Each week only 1 menu can be ordered from your Home Chef account. All unprocessed orders will be switched to the new plan if you switch plans. Any previously saved edits will be lost. When you go to change the plan, you’ll see an informational message displaying the changes in price per serving as well.

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