How do I edit my meal selections?

Each week, we’ll assign meal recommendations based on your preferences, but you are always able to customize your order and select the meals of your choice.

If you are trying to make changes to the menu selections of an existing order, visit the Upcoming Orders page on your account. You can edit orders up to 5 weeks in advance. Scroll to the delivery you'd like to edit, and click Edit Meals.

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The meals you currently have in your order will be at the top of the screen and the other meal options will be shown below. To remove a meal, click the green Remove button or Trash icon in the app. To add a meal, click Add to Order. To customize the protein in your meal, click Customize It. Be sure to save your changes. You can use the filters at the top of the page to filter the available options by cook time, meal type, dietary preferences, and spice level.

You can also adjust the number of servings of a meal selection once it's in your order by clicking the minus or plus symbols.

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To view a summary of the meals in your order, click the updated cart total in the right-hand corner.

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To adjust your delivery day or delivery address for that week, click Manage Delivery under the order date. 


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New menus go up each Friday at 12 PM (CST). If you're new to Home Chef, you can take a look at our weekly menu options here.

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