How do I skip a delivery?

Skipping a week’s menu is easy with our flexible subscription service. When you're logged into your account, navigate to Your Upcoming Orders, scroll to the week you'd like to remove from your schedule and click "Skip Week" on the right. You can also skip an order by clicking "Edit Meals", scrolling to the bottom of the menu and clicking "Skip this delivery". Each time you skip a delivery, you'll receive a confirmation email containing the date and any orders you've skipped will be marked as such on your calendar.  

Skips or edits to your meal selections must be made by 12 PM CST on the Friday prior to the scheduled delivery week.

If you'd prefer to stop your subscription, you can read about that here

If you'd like to skip or reschedule your first order, check out: How do I skip or reschedule my first delivery?


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