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How do I skip a delivery?

Skipping a week’s menu is easy with our flexible subscription service. On the Upcoming Meals page of your account, scroll to the week you'd like to remove from your schedule and click the button saying "Skip this delivery" OR you can click into the order, scroll to the end of the menu, and click the red "Skip this delivery" button!



Skips on deliveries or edits to your menu selections, must be received by 12pm(CST) on the Friday prior to the scheduled delivery day. Each time you skip a delivery, you'll receive a confirmation email containing the date. 

If you'd like to skip or reschedule your first order, you can contact our support team here and select 'Rescheduling My First Order' in the dropdown.

Keep in mind, skipping all available weeks in your calendar does not stop your subscription. You will continue to be assigned additional weeks when the menus are released for the month. If you'd prefer to stop your subscription, you can read about that here.


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