How do I order from the Family Menu?

If you are a new customer:

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If you are a current customer:

If you are in a browser window, be sure to be logged in then:

    1. Click on the word ‘Account’ (it’s in the upper right corner)
    2. From the options displayed select ‘Account Settings’
    3. Below where it says ‘Subscription’ there is the ‘Subscription Plan’ drop-down. Click the drop-down
    4. Select the plan you’d like
    5. Save changes.

On the Home Chef mobile app, be sure to be logged in then:

    1. On the bottom right, click the ‘Account’ button
    2. Select the ‘Subscription’ box
    3. At the top click ‘Plan’
    4. Push the circle for the plan you’d like
    5. Save changes

*Please be aware that when you switch plans all unprocessed orders will be switched to the new plan. Any previously saved edits will be lost. Additionally, Family Plan has a different price per serving than our standard menu. When you go to change the plan, you’ll see an informational message displaying your new price per serving. Also, note if you switch from Family back to the Standard menu, your default serving size will change to 4.

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