What meal plans do you offer?

We currently offer two unique menus, the standard menu, and the family menu. Within the standard menu, there are two plan options based on preparation preference: The Home Chef Plan and the Fresh and Easy Plan. The family menu only holds the Family Plan.

The Home Chef Plan includes traditional meal kits you put together from start to finish. They'll include all preportioned ingredients and recipe instructions. You can customize proteins for certain meals or select a preference for easy-to-no-prep meals as well. There are also 2-3 family meal options per week. Other than family meals, all meals are sold in increments of 2 servings. This plan is offered on the standard menu.

Our Family Plan offers easy-to-make, cost-effective meals with family-friendly flavors. It has some of the same types of meals as our standard menu like Oven Ready and Fast and Fresh with some new offerings like taco kits. All meals on the Family Plan and menu are family meals and sold in increments of 4 servings. You can customize proteins for certain meals. This plan is offered on the family menu.

Additionally, Tempo is a new brand in the Home Chef family and you can switch to it in your settings as well. Tempo is a great option if you're interested in a full menu of single-serving microwaveable meals. Tempo offers meals that are ready in 4 minutes, are less than 600 calories, include 30+ grams of protein (Vegetarian meals contain 15 grams of protein), and use whole grains where possible. Feel free to view the menu here

Each week only 1 menu can be ordered from your account. You can switch menus by switching your plan. You may switch between plans weekly, but any selections you make will not be saved if you switch back and forth.

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